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  • If there was ever a new soap, this has to be it; paprika and a blend of essential oils is a spice usually used to season food; however, when used on our skin, it becomes a natural soap bar that softens skin and invigorates the skin cells, bringing blood flow to the surface.


    Paprika is a powerhouse of mixed seasoned chili peppers that are full of vitamin C, minerals, and Beta-Carotene, which contains vitamin retinol totally rich in antioxidants. Most surprisingly, paprika protects the skin against UV radiation from the sun due to the high amounts of melanin. According to Healthline, the fastest-growing health information site, melanin affects hair/skin color as we mature.


    That is why Spring Fresh Soap with paprika is so fantastic. Not only is the plant base colorant special so is the essential oil blend. Spring Fresh Soap Bar has four times the synergy due to the mix of Ylang Ylang 3rd, Cedar Atlas, Organic Rosemary, and Orangic Orange essential oil.  it’s gentle enough to wash hair.

    Spring Fresh Paprika Soap Bar

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