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Soaps Creams & Things, uses organic essential oils when blending, making each blend even more potent. Why is a blend more potent? Simply put, when essential oils interact with one another, they can bring out superseding effects that cannot be reduced to any individual essential oil.


In aromatherapy, this phenomenon is known as 'synergy'. This ‘synergy’ is a harmonic sound of music that produces peace, harmony, happiness, excitement, and a balance that only our brains can hear.



  • Use as a mouth wash, one drop to a quarter of a cup water
  • Coughs are calmer when gaggling
  • Cleans dishes and laundry, a drop in water
  • Hand sanitizer; mix one cup vinegar to 5 drops of Thieves oil


In short, blending oils is like creating music, it takes more than one note to have an orchestra. Oils are more powerful and last longer because of the protection that each essential oil has, from oxidation to losing their strength.

    Thieves Essential Oil, A Synergy of Protection When Needed The Most

    $30.00 Regular Price
    $27.00Sale Price
    • 3  days shipping; when possible


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