Sea Breeze Antibacterial Salt Bar Soap | A Synergistic Blend
  • Sea Breeze Antibacterial Salt Bar Soap | A Synergistic Blend

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    Soaps Creams & Things’ antibacterial Sea Salt soap, is a product of Guerande, France. The salt is called, Sel Gris (Grey Salt), during harvesting the salt sits on a salt pan, this keeps the salt above the silt and becoming ‘dirty’. After harvest time, the salt becomes, grey from the moisture of the salt, it is a coarse salt with lots of nutrients. 


    Key Benefits that are worth knowing:

    • Salt Bars exfoliate without striping the skin of its nutrients allowing the balance of natural oils to release enough salt so that dead skin cells can be removed, during the harvesting process. 
    • Salt bars are detoxifying, salt draws out impurities from our skin. With clean and detoxified skin our pores can breathe and not allowing acne to grow. Sea Salt is not drying.
    • Salt bars lather differently, with Sel Gris, the lather is creamy rather than a big bubble lather. The minerals in salt bars are many, primarily magnesium, potassium, iodine, calcium, and zinc. With all of these benefits, the minerals can soak into our system through our skin relieving water retention and help with inflammation. 


    Soaps Creams & Things, Sea Breeze is refreshing as swimming in the ocean; it makes us feel rejuvenated and energized. It has natural skin brighteners and has the right amount of salt to exfoliate and slough off dead skin cells, making it safe for everyday use. 


    In short, Sea Breeze’s blending essential oils is like creating music, it takes more than one note to have an orchestra. Essential oils are more powerful and last longer because of the protection that each essential oil has, from oxidation and losing their strength.

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