Peppermint Antibacterial Refreshing GoatMilk Soap
  • Peppermint Antibacterial Refreshing GoatMilk Soap

    A refreshing soap bar that clears the mind. Cools the skin and helps relax muscles. 


    A creamy, bubbly, and rich lather that penetrates the cellular level against sun damage and dryness. Most importantly, the natural nutrients that are in goat milk; put this milk soap over the top.


    A wonderful way to glowing skin.




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      3.5oz / 99g



      Oils of: 

      • Coconut
      • Olive
      • Castor
      • Almond
      • Grapeseed

      Cacao Powder

      Kaolin Clay

      Unpasteurized Goat Milk

      Organic Peppermint Essential Oil

      Food-grade Sodium Hydroxide


      Dog and Cat Safe:  No


      The combination of oils is what balances the properties of a soap bar.All Oils are super oils that contain vitamins B, C, E, and K, these are sun blockers as will. Kaolin clay is the oldest clay that is gentle and stimulates circulation to areas of the application without over-drying. Food-grade Sodium Hydroxide is a strong alkaline compound that is used for the process of saponifying soap and used in cooking.


      The neutralization process for lye in soap is a minimum of 6 weeks. For more on Goat Milk Soaps, I encourage you to read my informational POST.


      Organic Goat Milk is not store-bought or in powder in form, it has no toxins or preservatives. The milk comes from local goat ranchers, has benefits because of the mineral contents; Selenium, Alpha Hydroxy, and Hyaluronic Acids. If a bar of soap is white, then the contains of goat milk is very low because when soap naturalizes, the fat of goat milk turns a brown/yellowish COLOR - THAT'S A TRUE GOAT MILK SOAP BAR. 


      Raw Cacao (pronounced ka-cow) powder increases the Selenium that goat milk already has preventing sun damage to the skin. Cacao is considered a super ingredient because of its antioxidants, omega 6 fatty acids, and raw enzymes. 


      Key Benefits:

      • Eczema
      • Hydrates
      • Exfoliates
      • Seborrhea
      • Anti-microbial
      • Controls Oily skin
      • Clears up Acne and Pimples
      • Decreases the appearance of scars
      • Treats inflammation and itchy skin



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