Patchouli Essential Oil the Ancient of Days
  • Patchouli Essential Oil the Ancient of Days

    Patchouli essential oil calms and rebalances our emotions through its soothing, relaxing, and peaceful properties. Soaps Creams & Things uses organic oils because they are certified to be non-GMO.


    Patchouli has a unique scent, elegantly enriched with intoxicating scents of earthy-musky aroma. Spice Traders of the Orient would bring patchouli because patchouli oil would be used to repel moths, keeping  Silk fabric in pristine shape. The scent of patchouli oil became an indicator of “True Oriental Fabric”, so much so that English and French garment makers were obliged to scent their imitation products with Patchouli to ensure their acceptance in the domestic marketplace.


    Since then Patchouli essential oil is now more for Aromatherapy, skincare and medicinal purposes.



      Soaps Creams & Things, uses Organic oils because the properties are much higher. It guarantees that the oils are non-GMO. The method of steam distillation gives a more condensed and therapeutic oil.



      • Add to creams and shampoos
      • 5 drops on a cotton ball place near an air vent of a car's AC works great as an air fresher 



      3  days shipping; when possible