Lip Balms For Healthy Glowing and Younger Looking Lips
  • Lip Balms For Healthy Glowing and Younger Looking Lips

    Lips are skin too! They are important to keep healthy, will moisturize, and will nourish.


    What happens to the lips if they are neglected? Excessive moisture from saliva can accumulate at the corners of the mouth causing a breeding ground for yeast. This is called angular cheilitis; corners of our mouths become cracked and irritated.


    Soaps Creams & Things does not use castor oil in its lip balms; reports suggest that this oil drys and cracks lips. Love Lip Balm from Soaps Creams & Things is a castor-free lip balm that uses sunflower oil that is 65% rich in ceramides. Ceramide is a fatty acid located on the surface layer of the skin. This fatty acid, ceramide, protects lips from dehydration by creating a barrier against bacteria that is harmful to lips.



    • Heals cracked lips with angular cheilitis
    • Antibacterial
    • Antifungal
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Aroma-therapeutic


    Bottom line is that lips need care. Love Lip Balm; moisturizes lips, replaces collagen, and brightens lips, helping them with rehydration and bring natural fullness to lips. Soaps Creams & Things lip balm is more than just a Chapstick, there are no synthetic additives or flavor oils. Love Lip Balm is a kiss of fresh air because we use essential and hydrating oils to protect lips.

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