Lip Balm - Container is BPA FREE


Cocoa Butter is a highend butter that nourishes the skin. Almond oil is also a conditioner, and Sunflower oil has antioxidants that help protect skin from sun damage. Unlike petroleum gel, beeswax won’t suffocate the skin and has antibacterial properties, helping skin stay clean. Beeswax is great for cold sores due to its anti-inflammatory benefits.


Lip balms are petroleum jelly free, an oil byproduct that contains carcinogens and cause allergic reactions. It also suffocates lips, not moisturize them as some manufactures claim because petroleum jelly is water-repellant and seals pores so moisture can’t get in or out. The FDA has approved this product as safe. Our lip balms are also mineral oil free. Mineral oil coats the skin with a plastic like layer and prevents it from breathing. Mineral oil is derived from petroleum causing premature aging. Phenol, dies and fragrances are ingredient you don’t want on your lips, they are irritants and harmful chemicals.

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