Goat Milk Soap is a super moisturizing, antibacterial, chemical-free soap bar. Goat milk has anti-aging vitamins. A level of ant-oxidant protection and maximum hydration that is equal to none.


Sandalwood powder in this soap is a natural antiseptic and used as a preservative. In India, it is known as Chandan an ancient scripture language know as Sanskrit in Hinduism and is considered holy and indispensable. For thousands of years, Sandalwood has been used in solutions for skin problems with pigmentation, blemishes, and even out skin tones for a radiant complexion.


Lavender essential oil is organic from Bulgaria, has powerful antiseptic properties and when applied to wounds, increases cell growth causing wounds to heal faster. 


Soaps Creams & Things knows how important it is to have soft skin. Our soaps are not surface soaps or made for women only; skin has no gender and every skin type needs to be cleansed, protected, and maintain.


For beautiful healthy skin, goat milk soap products are a great option.

Lavender Days- Goat Milk Antibacterial Soap Softness At Its Best