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  • Element Soap Bar is fantastic. It is gentle and moisturizing, adds healing to skin conditions like acne, is antibacterial, and has been known to aid and treat spider veins. This is a true vegan-safe soap bar.

    A blend of Ginger Essential Oil safeguards the skin from premature aging, improves elasticity, and rejuvenates the complexion. When essential oils are blended together, the healing powers become more powerful. The Element Soap Bar is a five-essential oil blend that contributes five times its strength.


    Added to this soap bar is paprika herb powder. Paprika is an added benefit to this powerhouse of a soap bar. A mix of chili peppers is full of Vitamins and minerals. Paprika is the fastest-growing health news because melanin protects hair color against greying, among so many more benefits, and Healthline has science-backed facts that paprika reduces inflammation.


    Added Benefits

    • Soap is Vegan safe
    • Relieves redness due to acne
    • Inhibits the signs of skin damage and premature hair greying
    • Relieves itchiness from dandruff and helps hair growth
    • Medicinally, Ginger Root is well known for its anti-nausea properties, to name a few
    • Paprika helps with hair growth
    • Paprika is antibacterial as well as ginger essential oil
    • It helps to treat spider veins

    Element Bar A blend of Oils

    $8.00 Regular Price
    $6.00Sale Price

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