Detoxifying Activate Charcoal - Hardwood Charcoal Has More Carbon


mix: Saponified coconut, organic olivecastor, almond & grapeseed oils, essential oil, kaolin clay, distilled water, sodium hydroxide and natural herbs for color.


Detoxify Activated Charcoal soap bar uses a hardwood AC powder which is purer in carbon and helps to detoxify the skin by absorbing oils, impurities, and environmental pollutants drawing the poisons to the surface of the skin.

History shows that Egyptians as far back as 3750 BC, as the most used product of its time because of the bacterial/fungal properties. It is still just as powerful today. Detoxify Activated Charcoal soap bar is a wonderful way to cleanse the skin and remove toxins, leaving a flawless complexion.

  • Weight

    4 0z / 113g