BATH / FOOT BOMBS - Whether A Bath or A Foot Soak, A Soak is a Soak


Bath & Foot bombs, they are a Super Sizzling Relaxing bombs. No Dyes | All Natural. 


Ingredients: Baking soda, epson salt, citric acid, orris root powder, cornstarch, essential oil.


Bath and foot Bombs have minerals that help our skin to be moist and soft. They also provide a way to nourish and keep skin healthy and conditioned. Not only will the essential oils be at work during a bath, a foot bomb is just as nourishing as a bath bath bomb.


Both are healing and both soften skin.The essential oils are therapeutic, they create an Aromatherapy that helps to empty our minds and rejuvenate a healthier mindset. 

Foot Bombs | Set of two
Bath Bombs | Single Unit