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Angel Soft soap bar is great for people that just can't handle any types of essential oils or fragrances. Angel Soft’s non-scent formula doesn’t interfere with people that wear perfume or cologne, or just for those that prefer non-scented soaps. Angel Soft has the same ingredients as all of our soaps, same oils and process, the difference is no essential oils, and no herbal coloring is used. It moisturizes the same, feels just like all the others, creamy rich lather, long lasting soap and a must for children that have allergies or skin issues.



  • Is a creamy lather
  • Can be used on scape as a conditioner
  • Has sun block protection that is all natural
  • Oils have vitamins B, E, and K
  • Oils improves complexion, retain glow and tighten skin
  • Acne fighter


Kaolin clay is the oldest clay used in many personal hygiene products. It is gentle, and stimulates circulation to areas of application without over-drying, leaving a moist and soft skin.


The take away of Angel Soft antibacterial soap is that this bar of soap works just as hard to give a soft and moist skincare.

Angel Soft - Non-Scented

  • 3  days shipping; when possible

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