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Cupuacu Butter - The Perfect Serum Amazon's Best Kept Secret

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

What is cupuacu butter (coo-poo-asu), also known as Theobroma grandiflorum? Amazingly, it is Brazil’s national fruit from the Amazon Rainforest. A tree that stands 65 feet tall, relative to the cacao tree. When it is cold-pressed, soft butter is extracted from the seed pod that is harvested, due to its high water absorption, cupuacu butter is a natural emulsifier. The fruit is used in cooking and making desserts, ice creams, and juices which some say have a flavor of chocolate, pineapple, or melon. Cupuacu fruit has an enormous amount of energy because it's packed with saturated fatty acids that the body can use without the side effects of caffeine, making Brazil the largest producer and exporter of cupuacu fruit.

The exportation of Cupuacu was triggered by the Brazilian government when cattle ranchers and palm oil producers needed to clear their lands for the global supply of beef and palm oil. By burning one-third of the rainforest, deforestation became a threat to world climate change. This triggered the Brazilian government to impose regulations on the practice of “Fire Burnes”, leaving natives unemployed and landowners with no income. This is how the Cupuacu fruit (coo-poo-asu) become a hot commodity.

Although the indigenous populations may have known the medicinal properties of the cupuacu fruit for thousands of years, unwitting it was the best-kept secret. Time has proved its medicinal purposes when Cupuacu is applied to areas affected by eczema and psoriasis; cupuacu butter has helped to heal damaged skin and protect it from the sun’s harmful UV rays and contributes to our immune system that supports the body's ability to prevent and fight diseases.

Soaps Creams & Things uses cupuacu butter for its cosmetic formulations which help keep the skin soft and elastic and create an effective barrier that stops moisture loss. It has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and has been used to help treat damaged skin from weather conditions and temperature changes.

We feel that helping the rainforest to bounce back from its deforestation by re-planting the cupuacu tree, will give natives hope to provide an income while rebuilding the rainforest so that we, so many miles away, will also benefit from it. A world working together. Our commitment is to use the best ingredients that use methods that do not harm the environment or the habitat.

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