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Discover the Difference Nature Makes

Soaps Creams & Things has a theme, “Made in the USA”.  To stay true to form our lip balm containers, for example, are BPA free, approved by FDA, and made in the USA.  Our essential oils are in cobalt blue glass bottles because blue is darker and keeps sunlight out, these too, are bought from a company in California. Our goat milk that is used in our goat milk soaps comes from a local ranch in

In French Camp, CA. 

Unpasteurized goat milk will always have more nutrients, more fat levels, and this equates to a higher level of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural moisturizer costing hundreds of dollars per ounce; if bought along as an extract, in goat milk however, Hyaluronic Acid is abundant and nature with just the right amount that is needed to keep skin soft and moist. Hyaluronic Acid is inexpensive when it is a synthetic and has no health benefits whatsoever. None. 

Soaps Creams & Things does not use dyes or synthetic to its products. One unnatural ingredient is all it takes to make a product synthetic. We use clays, or herbs for color, and any essential oil is bought straight from vendors that specialize in organics and are responsibly sourced. This is important because bulk dealers purchase inexpensive product materials that are GMO. These products are weak because the seed is weak.

Discovering the different that nature makes began thousands of years ago. 


To maintain healthy skin, we need to have quality products in order to have 100% sustainability. 

It's imperative to have ingredients of substances. One in particular is Cupuacu butter. A nut from the Rain Forest of Brazil. The native Brazilians deforested by burning the Rain Forest to produce Palm oil; an ingredient in soap making. When regulations prohibited the burning of the Rain Forest, native Brazilians had no income, but they had a nut that had been used for thousands of years to keep skin moist and keep it from sun damage, that nut is the Cupuacu nut, related to the Cocoa Tree. This nut became the cornerstone in rebuilding the rain forest and is now a reusable and responsibly sourced product by natives  in efforts to undo a devastating blow to the Rain Forest by over harvesting the land. Cupuacu fruit has 100% sustainability in both in skincare and thought the World.

Our organic Essential oils are a standard of all of our products. We use them in soaps, creams, lip balms, bath bombs, facial serum, bug repellants, and are only blended to provide a new aromatherapy experience to create a synergy in our products.

SC&T oils, butters, essential oils and even sodium hydroxide are food grade quality. Soap making is a lot like cooking because coconut, extra virgin olive, sweet almond and grapeseed oils are considered Vegan Artisan oils, they are also used in cooking. Sodium hydroxide is used to cure olives and cherries and baking Bavarian pretzels.


This is 100% Sustainability.  

Why buy from Soaps Creams & Things? Soap is timeless. For thousands of years, it has not changed, much. The change that has happened is quality; low-grade commercial soap. What is important to note here, babies are using these types of soaps. Many will develop dry, patchy skin with time, or be affected by the synthetics, like artificial fragrances or cancer causing parabens; sulfates, and even mercury.

So why buy body products from Soaps Creams & Things? The answer is that we try our very best to source from eco-friendly farmers from around the world that are Sustainable Farm Practices, that improve Third World Food Production. We use organic when possible during harvest seasons to yield the best of all plants, herbs, oils, clays, and essential oils.  

Soaps Creams & Things use organic as much as possible not because its the new normal, but because organic products are guaranteed not Non-GMO, they are not synthetic or have chemicals that will harm our bodies..... that I can guarantee. We do not buy raw materials from bulk warehouses or websites. Our vendors are small business companies with the same idea. Quality products.


Soap is a survivor of time and change. The compound, elements, components are tuff as nails. Much can be added to clone a real bar of soap, even then it won't totally be destroyed, only wounded. 

Conquerors, Rulers, Kings, and Queens, all have had a bar of soap. 

Never Tested 
on Animals