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Beauty Products
Discover the Difference Nature Makes
Never Tested 
on Animals

Soaps Creams & Things has an adopted theme, “Made in the USA”.  To stay true to form, our lip balm containers, for example; are BPA free and made in the USA.  Our essential oil is package in dark glass bottles because it keeps sunlight out, keeps the product fresh and are made in the USA. Our goat milk soap uses milk from a local goat herder in French Camp, CA. 

Soaps Creams & Things does not use dyes or synthetics. One unnatural ingredient is all it takes to make a product synthetic.

We use clays, or herbs for color, and any essential oil is bought from suppliers that have been vetted for quality and are responsibly sourced. This is important because inexpensive product material that are GMO; make for a weak product.



To maintain healthy skin, we need to have quality products in order to have 100% sustainability. 

It's imperative to have ingredients of substance. Natural ingredients have been used for thousands of years. We are natural beings, not ynthetic...our skin lives better with nature and so does our planet. Using products from the Amazon Rain Forest, makes a difference in nature.

Soaps Creams & Things uses organic material as much as possible; not because its the new trend, but because organic ingredients are guaranteed Non-GMO. We do not purchase raw materials from bulk warehouses or websites. Our vendors have the same idea; quality products.


Soaps Creams & Things love our pets.


The only animal testing, is using our non-scented soap to wash out fleas.

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