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From babies to grandparents 
soap has no gender or age

Hello from Lodi, California, My name is Rose, and I am the owner of Soaps Creams & Things. My journey started in 2013, when I came across an internet course, that advertised soap making. At first, I didn't even know people made soap. After researching Soap Making School, from Canada, I decided to give it a go. The more I learned the more thrilled and fascinated I became with soap making due to the richness and softness of the homemade products. I was blessed to have learned from the best; Renee Whitlock. I learned how to make serums, bath bombs, body butter, lip balms, the blending of essential oils and so much more. 

At Soaps Creams & Things, ingredients are the focus of skincare. Our ingredients are top of the line and are imported, for example, Indigo from India, exotic butter from the Amazon Rain Forest, essential oil imported worldwide, many of which are USA food-grade oils. By importing most of our ingredients we are able to maintain the quality because materials used are grown in the environment that plant life needs, for example, temperature, water, and soil composition are essential to plant life. This is a two-fold situation, employment and sustaining the environment and rebuilding rainforest and land is essential to our planet.


Soaps Creams & Things uses USDA organic food guidelines established by the United States Department of Agriculture and National Organic Program standards. All of our products have been tested on humans for thousands of years - never on animals.


Our products do not contain mercury, phthalates, PEG, parabens, or sulfates that are harmful to people that are at a higher-risk category for skin issues. Our colorants are herb-based as well, and our essential oils are not toxic or synthetic. 


Education is vital in understanding what happens in our skincare products. Natural products feed and sustain our skin cells. 

While synthetics tear down the wall of protection; natural products strengthen cells, not destroy them.


Our skin is a living and breathing organ essential to our well-being; it is vital to keep our outer core healthy and alive. For this reason, Soaps Creams & Things' primary mission is to stay natural at whatever cost.